The Gardens

As a member of the Parks and Gardens of the North of France the Abbey has been trying to create a medieval garden since 2005.

When visitors walk through the gate of the abbey they can admire banks of hydrangeas and when they have visited the Monks' Quarters they can discover the contours of the church's chancel as well as the zen garden.

While walking towards the site of the former nave of the church – now conjured up by the recently installed columns – visitors can reach the gardens.

The site of Vaucelles stretches out over 7 hectares and is divided into different spaces. The garden is divided into different sections and produces flowers all year long. It is totally organic, no chemicals are used at all. In the vegetable garden visitors can find tomatoes, leaks, salads, courgettes … and a vine. In the orchard pears, apples, apricots, cherries are grown, as well as strawberries, raspberries and redcurrants. The rose garden is made of squares and triangles edged with boxwood and visitors can admire different varieties of roses. In the Bible garden visitors can find medicinal plants, as well as plants mentioned in the Bible. The flower garden called « bouquetterie « is divided into 4 beds, two for perennial plants, one for annual plants and one for bulbs.

 Walking along the surrounding wall visitors will be able to admire the whole site and have a glimpse of the Haut-Escaut Valley.