educational materials

Activity n°1 : the work of the builders 3 small-scales models enable schoolchildren to assemble stones, which closely resemble the lime stone of the abbey, in 3 different ways, thus illustrating medieval architecture and techniques visible in the Vaucelles Abbey.


  • Model n°1 ( easy ) : a column with its capital
  • Model n°2 ( not so easy ) : a vaulted arcade
  • Model n°3 ( difficult ) :a rib vault


Activity n°2 : discovery of the abbey The children will have to find a certain number of clues on the site and bring back a proof of their findings with the help of booklets which will have been handed out to the groups.

Activity n°3 : stained-glass windows The children will be able to reproduce part of a stained-glass window.

Activity n°4 : a Cistercian monk's clothing. The children will have to dress the monks in the right order. Some dice and an explanatory card will help them visualize the clothes and remember their names.

Activity n°5 : the pair game. The children will have to find the cards that make a pair and reconstitute the ornamental tiling and the capitals of the Vaucelles Abbey.

Activity n°6 : Saint James's sacred shell The children will have to carry out an investigation to identify the thief and find the shell. This game enables them to use architectural terms in a playful way.

Activity n°7 : the quiz A playful quiz enables the children to check and consolidate what they have learnt during the visit. It can be used at the end of the visit or at school.

Activity n°8 : happy families Thanks to this game the children can add to what they have learnt during the visit. They can play the game at the end of the visit or at school. The families are connected with the running of an abbey and to religious life in the Middle Ages.

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