The Chapter House

The chapter house is the gem of the Abbey. It is the largest Cistercian chapter house in Europe. It was completed in 1175.

The major events of the community, such as the election of the abbot, announcements, public penance took place there. In the chapterhouse the abbot and the monks also gathered once a day to listen to a chapter of the Rule of Saint Benedict. Then the abbot, who presided over the life of the monks would make a speech of exhortation.

The 3 southern windows used to open onto the big cloister. The chapterhouse has the same architectural characteristics as the Monks' Quarters but it is slightly more elegant. There are 9 vaults altogether divided into 3 naves with 3 bays each.The capitals of the 4 central columns are decorated with sculpted arum leaves.

In this room most of the abbots who presided over the destiny either happy or unhappy of the abbey were buried.

The Vaucelles Abbey wasn't spared by the Hundred Year War and by robbery and violence .

La salle Capitulaire