The Chapel

The chapel  also known as "salle du poids de l'horloge" was the room intended for the church bells. It was dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Now it is a chapel for visitors who wish to meditate during a visit.

Look at the star called Mary.  ( The name of the virgin was Mary, which means starfish).

"She is the bright and wonderful star, glittering with merits and dazzling with virtues, that happily dominates our immense sea. O you who drift with the current of the century amid thunder and storm, rather than walk on the earth, keep your eyes fixed on this star if you don't want to be swallowed up by the ocean".

"If you are assailed by the winds of temptation or hurled onto the reefs of tribulation, look at the star and call Mary. If you are tossed about by the waves of pride, ambition, slander or envy, look at the star called Mary".

"If the skiff of your soul is rocked by anger, avarice or the enticement of the flesh, look at Mary".

"If, troubled by the enormity of your crimes, ashamed of the ugliness of your soul, afraid of the horror of judgment, you feel you are slipping into the abyss of sadness and dispair, think of Mary".

"In danger, distress, confusion, think of Mary. Keep her name on your lips and in your heart and to get her support, be sure to follow the example of her life. As long as you follow her you can't go astray, as long as you pray to her you can't dispair, as long as you think about her you can't err.

"If she supports you you won't fall, if she protects you you will have nothing to fear, if she guides you you will never tire, if she stands by you you will reach your destination and know in your heart that the following is".

La chapelle